Accreditation is the process of official recognition issuance for an individual's or institution's competence, provided by an authorized entity. Yet, the Medical Simulation Center accreditation, which is the process of application and approval in accordance with relevant criterias, is provided by qualified international organizations; the main purposes of this process are analyzing simulation center's current SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) condition, providing infrastructure and setting compatibility required for simulation education in the center, optimizing the documentation system used by the center and increasing the center's international recognition and its cooperation opportunities with other centers. NASCE (Network of Accredited Skills Centers in Europe) and SSH (Society for Simulation in Healthcare) are two of the qualified international organizations in this field. These organizations have accreditation committees and chosen members of these committees contact the centers and provide guidance about the preparation of the required documents and procedures to be completed during the application process. The officials assigned by the organization that is responsible for accreditation, prepare an assessment report and submit that to a senior committee, which evaluates the report and notifies the center of the conclusion. The purpose of the accreditation is providing standardization among medical simulation centers. This standardization involves focuses on management, constitution of necessary infrastructure and setting for education, qualifications of the instructors about the topics, education methodology, consistence of utilized training materials to the target audience, assessment methods and financial resources.

CASE is one of the 8 centers accredited in Europe by NASCE, which happens to be a European Union sub-committee. Moreover, as CASE, we have active role in this organization's board of directors and accreditation committee.

CASE is also accredited by globally known American organization SSH and even the only center accredited by them in Europe.

Our Center was also granted attribution of 'Center of Excellence', by CAE Academy of Canada on October 16th, 2014; which makes us one of the two centers to hold that title across the world. The only other university awarded with that attribution is Toledo University in USA, due to its innovative approaches in simulation field.

On April 28th, 2016, CASE earned ?Global Training Center' qualification in robotic surgery field. As a result of that, training certificates issued in robotic surgery field by our center, have earned global validity and CASE now has the ability to schedule appointments for surgeons in any country worldwide, who want to get robotic surgery training.