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Objective, Scope, References and Definitions
Objective and Scope

ARTICLE 1 (1) The objective and the scope of this Guideline are: To regulate the principles concerning objectives, field of operation, administrative organs and duties of administrative organs of Acibadem University Advanced Simulation and Endoscopic Surgery Education Application and Research Center which is founded in affiliation with Acibadem University

ARTICLE 2 (1)This Guideline is prepared in accordance with (2nd) sub-clause of (d) clause of first item of the 7th article and the 14th article of Higher Education Law number 2547, dated 11.04.1981

ARTICLE 3 (1) Some of the words mentioned in this Guideline refer to the following definitions:
a) Advisory Committee : Center's Advisory Committee
b) Center (CASE) : Acibadem University Advanced Simulation and Endoscopic Surgery Education Application and Research Center
c) Director : Center's Director
d) President : University President
e) University : Acıbadem University
f) Board of Directors : Center's Board of Directors


Center's Objective, Field of Operation and Duties
Center's Objective
ARTICLE 4 (1) Center's Objective: To perform academic studies about simulation and modeling, to develop projects, to organize courses and seminars, to contribute to the improvement of the relations between the university and public institutions and establishments, private sector and international organizations by means of these programs and applications
Field of Activity

ARTICLE 5 (1) Here are the Center's field of operation:
a) To start new training and certificate programs before and after graduation by means of medical simulation modalities in health sciences field
b) To organize medical simulation programs for specialty in medicine societies, public and private institutions and establishments and particularly post-graduation educations for surgical fields
c) To organize post-graduation education programs in every specialty for all healthcare professionals
d) To contribute to university students' education within the scope of their programs and if demanded, by the help of partial or full duty simulators
e) To build and develop laboratories and units that are needed for modeling and simulation
f) To support researches about modeling and simulation within University and organize national and international symposiums, conferences and seminars
g) To build relations with similar centers in our country as well as abroad and work with them in coordination and also to contribute to undergraduate and graduate level studies
h) To carry-out accreditation studies in compliance with national and international standards about medical skills and simulation centers
i) To perform other activities, which are recommended by Office of the President and/or settled upon by Center's Board of Directors, within the scope of continuing education


Center's Administrative Organs and Duties
Center's Administrative Organs
ARTICLE 6 (1) Center's Administrative Organs are:
a) Director
b) Board of Directors
c) Advisory Committee


ARTICLE 7 (1) Director is appointed among the members of Board of Directors by the President, for a 3 year term. A director can be re-appointed after completing a term or can be relieved of his/her duty before the term ends. Director is responsible for proper operation and development of the Center and reports directly to the President
(2) Director recommends maximum two members of the board of directors to be his/her deputy and they are appointed by the President. When the Director is away, he/she assigns one of the deputies to perform as Acting Director. If the Acting Duty exceeds 6 month period, then a new Director is appointed for the position
Duties of Director

ARTICLE 8 (1) Director's duties are as follows: a) To represent the Center
b) To ensure proper operation and development of the Center
c) To execute Board of Directors' decisions
d) To convene the Board for meetings; to prepare these meetings' agenda and chair the meetings
e) To prepare Center's activity report and the following year's work schedule and present them to the President the way they were approved by the Board
f) To provide the establishment of Advisory Committee and convene the committee for meeting
g) To administer mutual assistance between the Center and national and international public institutions and establishments in education-training, research, application, management and such fields, about the subjects within the scope of the Center's objective and field of activity
Board of Directors

Board of Directors

ARTICLE 9 (1) Board of Directors is comprised of 5 academicans of the University. Chairman of the Board is the Director
(2) Board members' tenure period is 3 years. A member can be re-appointed after his/her term ends If a member resigns, then a new member is appointed to complete the rest of the term
(3) Board of Directors convene once a month upon Director's convocation and more frequently if the job requires; they review Center's activities and decide on the matters of the agenda. Board convenes by absolute majority and decisions pass by a large majority of attendees

Duties of Board of Directors

ARTICLE 10 (1) Board of Directors' duties are as follows:
a) To make decisions about the issues regarding the operation and management of the Center, in accordance with the objectives stated in this Guideline
b) To discuss about Center's annual activity report and annual work schedule and to prepare them
c) To make decisions about researches and publications
d) To gather temporary groups necessary for the Center's operations and to present them to the President for assignment
e) To prepare Center's long-term scientific and administrative plans and programs
f) To make decisions about the other topics that fall into Center's field of activity

ARTICLE 11 (1) Upon Board of Directors' recommendation, Advisory Committee is comprised of maximum 8 volunteers chosen among related public and private sector institutions' and establisments' representatives and experts; committee members are appointed by the President for 3 year term. Their tenure period and re-assignment process is the same of Board members. Committee convenes upon Director's convocation
(2) Duties of Advisory Committee are to advise Board of Directors about scientific and technological subjects and submit their recommendations about the topics which were presented to them, upon review


Miscellaneous and Final Provisions
Personnel Requirement

ARTICLE 12 (1) The academic, technical and administrative personnel requirement of the Center is met by the personnel assigned by the President, in pursuant to the 13th article of law 2547

Fixed Asset and Equipment

ARTICLE 13 (1) All the tools, equipments and fixed assets, which have been purchased for the researches and applications supported by the Center, are allocated for Center's use
Spending Authority

ARTICLE 14 (1) Spending authority of the Center is the President

Entry Into Force

ARTICLE 15 (1) This Guideline comes into force on the date of its publication


ARTICLE 16 (1) The provisions of this Guideline are enforced by Acibadem University President